Just Brands wants to increase awareness of these factors among our partners. Together with the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile and consultancy firm Arcadis, we carried out a project in China at two of the largest laundries we work with for denim and knitwear. During this project, much attention was paid to raising awareness of the risks, increasing knowledge and implementing improvements. The following topics were central to this project:

  • Preventing pollution, for example by treating waste water
  • Reducing the use of (natural) resources such as water and chemicals
  • Ensuring all health and safety risks are covered

Consultancy bureau Arcadis has started visiting the laundries together with our supplier. We think it is important that our suppliers are involved in this project, so that they can also share the acquired knowledge with other units.

During the site visits, the most important topics were discussed and Arcadis made various findings. Based on this, they prepared a report with all their conclusions and recommendations for improvement.

After sharing this report, Arcadis has continued to guide the units by, among other things, sharing various supporting materials, being continuously available (by means of a helpdesk) and holding various meetings to discuss progress.