Quality comes first at Just Brands. High-quality equates to a long lifespan for clothing. This starts with the raw materials we use. That is, and remains the basis of every article. The extraction of these raw materials and the use of new material already has a major impact on the environment. That is why our main focus is on reducing this impact by applying, among other things, more sustainable solutions and constantly looking for alternatives. By pursuing our goals and including our manufacturers as our partners, we can drive market demand for more sustainable materials.

Material policy

Our Material Policy consists of requirements and restrictions with regards to the use of raw materials for our products.

To reinforce our commitment to more sustainable working methods, Just Brands has implemented a Material Policy. This policy compels us to adhere to conditions and restrictions when it comes to the procurement of raw materials. All manufacturers working with Just Brands have also signed this document.

Suppliers of Just Brands are expected to adopt and act on our policies. All suppliers are obligated to create a traceable and transparent system for keeping records, thereby providing certainty regarding the origin of the raw materials, as required under the Material Policy. In addition, they are obligated to provide this information to Just Brands upon request.

Restricted substances list

We believe it is important that all the products that we sell and have produced are safe for people and the environment.

We expect the same level of commitment from our suppliers. To this effect we have, together with an expert, drawn up our own Restricted Substances List (RSL). In addition to those substances indicated under European legislation (REACH), this list contains supplementary requirements, such as which chemicals may not be present at all in our products or which may not exceed established limits.

To monitor compliance with our Restricted Substances List (RSL), we regularly have products tested by an independent testing agency on the basis of a risk analysis.

Sustainable materials

We are constantly looking for new methods to reduce the impact on the environment.

By continuously training our employees and acquainting them with new developments in the industry, we are improving the sustainability of our collections step-by-step.

Read more here about all the relevant sustainable materials that serve as a guideline for Just Brands in the development of our collections.

Sustainable materials

Sustainable processes

We are constantly on the lookout for options that are more sustainable with regards to the treatment of our products.

We are not only working to increase the use of sustainable materials in our collections, but are also striving to make improvements with regards to the finishes and washes that we apply in our production process. By looking for materials, washing techniques and finishes that contribute to a more sustainable future, we can minimize the impact on the environment, without compromising on quality, comfort and design.